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Accessing Your Studio Folder

How to access your studio folder

The data stored in these folders contain sensitive data. We are careful about how we store, process and share this information to protect both dancers and studios. We limit access to the Studio Director, and we will not accept any requests for access.

For non-google users, please keep the email we send you with the link to your shared folder. We recommend that you bookmark this link in your browser. Google users can access the shared folder in the browser version of Google Drive by clicking the Shared with me menu item. You can also choose to star the folder and use that function to access it.

If you are a studio director and don't have access or have lost access, please let us know. Additionally, if you have more than one director or an administrative person who you would like to provide access, we are happy to oblige. Let us know, and we can get the information we require. Please do not request access for instructors, choreographers, parents or dancers.

For information on how to share information, please see our article: How To Share Information From Your Studio Folder.