What are Breakout Solos?

We are putting a little Thunderstruck Canada twist on some of the solo sections. We are calling them "Breakout Solos". So what are breakout solo's and why?

First the Why!!!

We want to continue to improve and feel some of the solo categories at larger events are too big. We are guided by the objective to provide fun and fair competition in a professional environment. With 6o performers in a section, we are not achieving this, so we've introduced a change - the breakout solos. We feel it will address both.

So what are breakout solos?

When a section permits (i.e. Teen Shining Star Solo), we will break it out by age into three (3) overalls instead of one (1). Dancers will compete in their age division only, and we will announce the Top 10 for each age.

It remains important to have a meaningful overall for each age group. We don't have a set rule. We are continually testing this concept. The rule of thumb we are working from is to have a minimum of 20 performers in each breakout (i.e. age division). Ultimately, the choice to Breakout Solo's will remain at the discretion of Thunderstruck Canada.