What are the age groups for Thunderbolt Solos?

The Thunderbolt Solos are one of the unique parts of or competition; it is good to have a solid understanding how it works so you and your dancers can determine if you want to enter that category.

All the entries in the Thunderbolt Solo complete against one another. There is no Age Group. The dancer's other solos compete in the regular competition. The Thunderbolt Solo is an additional category. One competes in the Thunderbolt at the end of the event. It still receives regular adjudication (and plaque for the distinction it scores) but also a live commentary from the panel. The soloists three solos are combined for an average score to determine the winner.

It is possible that we'd invoke our breakout solo rule wherein we run overalls for each year in an age group if the registrations are high enough to support doing so. However, we have yet to have a situation like this since we started the award.