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Error Entering Email Address When Creating Account

If you think you made an error with your email address when you created your account, we'll be emailing to an address you can not receive, please follow the steps below.

Error Entering Email & Have The Incorrect Address

If you made a mistake entering your email address and you have the address you used, you can still sign-in. It is a similar situation if your email address has changed. Please visit our article on How To Change Your Email Address to ensure we have the correct information.

Error Entering Email & Do Not Have The Incorrect Address

If you feel you made a mistake with your email address, but you are not sure or don't have the address entered, you can use the password recovery tool on the Sign-In page to find out. Start with your correct address, if it is in the system, it will send you your password to sign-in, and you are good to go. If not you will get an error. We will in the process of verifying this account and maybe sending emails to you that you will not receive. Please submit a ticket with the relevant information so that we can update your account accordingly.