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How To Share Information From Your Studio Folder

Instructions for Google Users and Non-Google users to share files posted to your Studio Folder.

In support of our Privacy Policy and CASL and GDPR compliance, access to your Studio Folder is limited to the studio director(s) and administrative staff you have approved. Its purpose is for Thunderstruck Canada to provide studios with the information required for the competition. It gives you the control to print and download what files, when, to whom and in the context of your studio policies on how you store and process information.

Sharing Information Non-Google User

You do not need to have a google account to view the folder. You will have access to view, print or download any of the files that we post. Anyone you share the link with will be able to view all the contents in that folder. We recommend that if you need to share the files that you download and share them as required in an alternative manner.

Sharing Information Google Users

You will have access to view, print or download any of the files that we post to your shared folder. You can always find your shared folder in Google Drive by clicking the menu on the left menu, Shared with me. If you are using your Google Drive to share data, you can move a copy of any file to your drive and can share the information if you wish. To do this, click on the three-dot icon near the top right of your screen, the Add to My Drive option will be there. Once you click on it, there a dialogue box will open. You can click on Organize to move the file into the folder you want.


Note: The paperclip and add person icons, if clicked, will prompt you to share the file or folder. These require our admin approval and only accepted if it is for an alternate email we have on file, another director, or known administrative staff you have asked we add.