How do I add attendees to an event?

To add attendees to an event, just click the checkbox beside their name and click on the green Add button at the bottom of the panel. Once you add an attendee from your Active Roster, they are moved the Event Participants list, meaning they are no longer visible on the Active Roster.

You can add multiple attendees from the same panel. If you are using the Select All feature, we recommended that you move attendees not participating to the Inactive Roster first.

NOTE: If you have a substantial registration, it may take a few moments to process your attendees. Do not refresh or close the page. When it is completed adding them to the event, it will automatically bring you to the next page in the registration process: Step 2: Event Participants

Recommended Practice

Because the system does not allow for duplicate entries and that once you add an attendee that record is moved from the Active Roster to the Event Participant stage it can get confusing if you start adding attendees in groups or individually. We suggest moving and attendees not participating in a given event to the Inactive Roster. Remember, they can always be added back. This will leave you a list of all your Active Roster. You can then add in any new attendees. From there, using the Select All, you can add your attendees to the Event Participant List.