How do I add new attendees?

At the bottom of the appropriate panel (Student, Teacher or Observer) click on the grey Create button. You will be prompted to enter the information for the individual. The form allows you to enter up to 15 people at one time. Don't worry about blank

Duplicate Attendees

The system does not allow duplicates, meaning, you can not enter someone with the same name and same birth date twice. If this happens, there will be an error message that appears above the submit button. We recommend you arrange your screen so that you can see the Submit button when entering attendees; it will appear as soon a duplicate is recognised, so you know.

Age Calculation

The system calculates age as of January 1 of the event year. When completing registrations in the fall for events the following year, you will see their age for the current year. It will automatically get adjusted when the calendar passes into the new year.