I can't seem to be able to add an attendee?

The system will not let you enter someone with the same name and birthdate twice to avoid duplicate entries for an attendee.

If the system will not let you add an attendee, the same name and birthdate already exist. The duplicate(s) should be highlighted and a warning note will appear just above the submit button. If your browser is not allowing the duplicate to be highlighted.


NOTE: If you are entering many attendees at once, and just one of those is a duplicate, you will not be able to process the submit button. 

Finding The Culprit

The attendee you are trying to add will be in one of three places.

  1. Studio Roster | Check if they are listed, if so, they are available to be added to an event.
  2. Event Participants List | Check to see if you have already added the attendee to the event.
  3. Inactive Attendee List | Check to see if made them Inactive at some point.
    You can access your Inactive Attendee's from your Studio Roster page, top right box. Click the checkbox beside the name(s) you want to activate, followed by the Activate button at the bottom of the list. It will re-activate any attendee's on that list to your Roster page.