What is my Studio Roster?

The Studio Roster is an organic collection of your attendees. By default, any participant you register is available in your Active Roster. The Inactive Roster is a tool to manage attendees that are injured, moved on or graduated.

Active Roster

When you open a new registration, the system takes you to your Active Roster. There are three tabs, Students, Teachers and Observers. The Observer section is for Conventions only, and you need not worry about this for regular Dance Competitions.

You can add, edit and move attendees based on their status.  Your Active Roster is used to add attendees to an event by selecting the checkbox beside their name and then the clicking the green Add button. You can select multiple attendees at one time. If you are using the select All Feature, it is recommended that you move any dancers not attending the Inactive Roster first.

Inactive Roster

You Inactive Roster is a tool that allows you to manage attendees that you don't need on your active list. Reasons can vary and may include things like dancers that have been injured, graduated, or not participating to teachers no longer at your studio.

You can move attendees back and forth from your Active, and Inactive Roster.

NOTE: Attendees are not editable from the Inactive Roster