Why Can't I Record A Routine When It Is My Dancer?

There are several reasons it is prohibited, including but not limited the safety of dancers, the enjoyment of other audience members, copyright laws, and the associated fee's and licensing agencies that enforce them.

Dancer Safety

There are a couple of issues:

  • The potential of an accidental flash or other distraction could affect a dancer's performance or lead to an injury.
  • In a routine other than a solo, it is not just "your dancer" in the routine. The other dancers (or their parents / legal guardians) in those images may not wish to be as they do not control the use of that imagery. In the registration process, studios agree to give the rights for Thunderstruck Canada to use the images and recordings in our marketing and advertising materials.
  • Costume malfunctions are a fact of life in dancing. They are rare, but in any given year we do have a handful of them. When this occurs, any photographs we have that may impact the affected dancer are deleted. Our video is reviewed and edited accordingly. If the general public were allowed to take imagery the potential for photos or video to be shared in any respect and especially over social exists. We can not permit the possibility of this happening.
  • Finally, we simply can not control who is taking photos. The potential of just one unbecoming person taking photos is again not something we are willing to risk. We had an occasion when we needed to delete photos from DSLR camera's using telephoto lens.

Audience Enjoyment & Memories

This activity of holding up a phone or tablet or standing up with a camera affect the audience enjoyment. Who likes sitting behind the person who has his phone or table up in the air. It affects their enjoyment of watching the performance. The use of these devices and if someone were to stand-up to take some imagery also affects the professionals that we are recording these memories available to everyone.

Copyright & Licensing

There are several legal issues, but in simple terms, you do not have the right to record or take photographs. The choreographer nor the studio have the ability to grant this right in the public domain. The stage design and lighting belongs to Thunderstruck Canada, and the music is protected. We pay licensing fee to play the music as well as to record it. We reserve these rights for our use and make the memories available at very affordable prices. In fact, the cost to have a photographer, a videographer, and all the associated expenses for travel, food, accommodation and all the gear far exceeds the revenue generated.