How do I download images?

Downloading A Single Image

When visiting a routine, you can download an individual image by scrolling over it and clicking the download button. It will download the image your default download location on your device or computer.

If you are interested in multiple images from the routine or others, click on the cart to add it. It will bundle everything together in one order rather than having to process each one individually. In the cart, digital downloads are free. It is also helpful if you are interested in other products such as prints, canvases, frames or video. See Ordering Prints, Canvases, Frames and Videos in our Knowledge Base for more information.

Downloading All The Images From A Routine

When you visit a routine, you can download all the images by clicking on the download button on the top right. You will be required to enter your email address, and a link sent to you with instructions to download. As per above, if you want to make multiple selections, you can opt to select the Buy All button, and this will add them to your cart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing prints, canvases, frames or video you will need to exit the cart after selecting the Buy All button. The system treats each image as a "product", so if for instance, if you selected the Buy All Button to get the digitals and then proceed to order an 8 x 10 print, it will think you want prints for all the images.