How do I order Prints, Canvases, Frames, and Videos?

Prints, Canvases, Frames

To order prints, canvases, or frames for a particular image, hover over it and select the cart icon, ordering options will appear on the right. Digitals will be free. You can select from a variety size options, Black and White option and can also Crop the image.


To order a video, you can select any image from the routine you want to order and follow the same instructions above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing prints, canvases, frames or video and have selected the Buy All option for a routine to get the digitals, you will need to exit the cart. In the case of Prints, Canvases and Frames, select the specific image you want and in the case of videos, select any image from the routine to proceed. The system treats each image as a "product", so if for instance, if you selected the Buy All Button to get the digitals and then proceed to order an 8 x 10 print, it will think you want prints for all the images.