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Spam Filters: How to add contacts to Safe Senders list

Barracuda Networks

Occasionally, Barracuda Spam Firewall will mark a legitimate message as spam. There are two methods to whitelist email senders.

Whitelist Quarantined Senders:

  1. Open your email client. Barracuda should send you a summary each day listing quarantined items. Choose the most recent Barracuda email message.
  2. Locate the email for the contact and their email address that you do not want to be quarantined in the future.
  3. Click on the word Whitelist, which is in green print to the right of the email title. This will open your list in a web browser.
  4. Click the box to the left of the email that you would like to whitelist.
  5. At the top of the page, click Whitelist.

Barracuda will not block or quarantine the sender whose email address appears on the whitelist.

Whitelist Senders and Domains:

  1. Open your web browser. Navigate to your company's Barracuda firewall homepage.
  2. Click on the Block/Accept tab.
  3. Choose Sender Domain Block/Accept. Enter the Domain name from the contact to add to the whitelist. For example, you can enter thunderstruckcanada.com to allow all Thunderstruck Canada addresses.
  4. You may enter a comment to remind you why you allowed this Domain.
  5. Click Add.

Click your mouse on the "Email Sender Block/Accept" tab. Enter the email address of an individual sender that you want to whitelist.
Include a comment. Click "Add." In the future, Barracuda will not block emails from this sender.

Cloudmark SpamNet

Cloudmark filters email based on content footprints. To assure our email has not been misidentified as spam:

  1. Select Cloudmark | Options from the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Go to the Whitelist tab.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Type in the email address of the contact,
  6. Click OK, twice.
  7. Click Yes.
  8. Click OK.


Sanebox is not a filter, but a filtering system trained by you. To ensure that email is getting through, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Webmail or Gmail where you use SaneBox.
  2. Open your @SaneLater folder.
  3. If you find an email from a contact at @SaneLater, drag the email to your Inbox folder.

Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin is typically a server admin tool. If you are having trouble with an email ending up in your spam or junk folder, contact your admin with the following request.

  1. Add the entry to your user_prefs file, which is found in the .spamassassin subdirectory on your web/mail server
    whitelist_from [email address].
  2. Save the user_prefs file or move the updated copy to your .spamassassin subdirectory.