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Why is there a fee for Late Change requests?

Late change requests vary in the amount of work that is required to affect that change. Some changes (like Routine Names) can now be done even after your registration is closed as they do not affect schedule in any way. Simple changes like adding a dancer are simple change to make, as long as it does not change the category, and something that needs to be checked.

A Performance Division change is a much more intricate endeavour. To give you an idea what a change like this requires, we need to:

  1. Edit the routine to change in Performance Division;
  2. Assign a new routine number that fits into the session and section of the new division;
  3. The routine times and date need to be edited and the times around that new routine location so that it fits in the schedule;
  4. The printed program design needs to be edited and the routines moved to the correct location;
  5. The electronic scorecards need to be run to update the new routine #;
  6. The Event App needs to be synced and updated with the new information;
  7. Stage notes need to be updated so the Stage Manager and Emcee are aware of the changes;
  8. Photo card needs to be updated so photos are recorded to the correct routine;
  9. Photo folder needs to be updated to the new routine # so there is a folder for the images;
  10. Video script needs to be edited so the correct routine # and name is written to the correct file; and,
  11. Then we need to update the studio with the new information.