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Incorrect User Name or Password

If you are getting this error when entering your email address and password, this article will guide you through what to do.

Wrong Email Address or Password Error

If you get a red error under when you try to login, please try again and make sure you have not made an error entering either piece of data, and that you have not left a space at the end of either the email or password. If you are copying an pasting this information, your browser may be inadvertently adding a space at the end thinking it is helping you to write a sentence, not realizing the input must match exactly. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.


If this does not work, then use the Password Recovery button and enter your email address. If the email is in the system, it will send you your password. If the email address is not in the system, you will get an message that the email address is not in the system. You can return to the sign-in screen, you may have used a different email address and try again. If you are certain the correct email address was used, please submit a ticket with the relevant information so that we can investigate the situation further.

I Just Created An Account But Can Not Login

When you create an account for the first time it needs to be verified. We will work to do this as quickly as possible and you will receive an email indicating that your account has been approved. Until then, you will not be able to sign-in, trying to create additional accounts will only delay the process. See Created An Account But Can Not Sign-In article for more information.

Made An Error Entering Email Address When Creating Account

If you made an error when creating your account, please visit the Error Entering Email Address When Creating Account article for help to get things sorted out.